Total control for total perfection

Our greenhouse creates a natural ecosystem that gives our plants a healthy balance of everything good for them: sunlight, warmth, humidity, even beneficial bugs and bacteria. And it keeps everything harmful out: like cold weather, invasive weeds and pests, and harmful chemicals. It’s the perfect place for plants to flourish.

Climate-controlled environment

No weeds. Nothing invasive

Re-mineralized, re-usable water

All natural sunlight

Climate-controlled environment

Pure nutrients in every drop

Our water—a re-mineralized, macro- and micronutrient solution—supplies each plant with all the essential nutrients it needs. First, we hand-water our seedlings with germinating solution. Once they’re big enough, we switch to a growing solution. Plus, you can water your Terra Verde Farm greens right in your own kitchen.

What’s in our water:






essential minerals

What’s not:



harmful chemicals



heavy metals

All-natural pest control. No harmful insecticides.

Our biological pest management strategy enlists the help of 1000s of organisms to protect our plants against harmful pests.

In our natural ecosystem, beneficial bugs and bacteria feed on harmful pests (like aphids, white flies, thrips, and mold). It lets our plants thrive without the use of harmful insecticides.

Integrated Pest Management

Natural biological system

No harmful pesticides

Good bugs rid bad bugs

Zero insecticides

No dangerous chemicals

Surprising Facts

The more you know, the more you’ll love Terra Verde Farm

Our watering system uses 90% less water than ground-grown crops

How we get our carbon footprint down to zero

Because we leave the root on, our fresh-picked sweetness lasts longer

Why our root plug provides more nutrients and minerals

We’re never more 150 miles from your store

Why location matters for the healthiest vegetables

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