From seedling to salad with less energy & zero waste

We’re committed to using the most sustainable and energy-efficient farming practices every step of the way—from nurturing our seeds to filtering water for reuse to our recyclable packaging. Even our root plug can happily end up nourishing your garden or potted plant. Look at all the ways we’re protecting our planet.

Compared to traditional farming practices, Terra Verde Farm:

Uses 90% less water

Gets 20X the yield per acre

Relies on natural pest management

Transports locally—150 miles or less

Uses passive heating/cooling

Limits its use of fossil fuels

Has recyclable packaging

More sun. Less water.

Our passive heating and cooling system use natural sunlight streaming through high light transmittance glass, along with shade and blackout curtains, for precision climate control.

Our state-of-the-art irrigation system uses 90% less water than traditional ground-grown crops. In fact, we use less than 700 gallons per day to farm the equivalent of four acres. (A conventional four-acre farm uses about 7,000 gallons per day.)

Less ground covered

Two more ways we preserve the planet

We cover less ground in more ways than one.

1. For starters, we can produce up to 20X the yield of the same plot farmed conventionally—without depleting the valuable soil. This allows some agricultural land to be re-purposed to sustain biodiversity and preserve natural ecosystems.

2. The other way we cover less ground is in transportation. Our delivery radius is never more than 150 miles from our greenhouse here in Rhode Island. Compare that to greens from California, which travel over 3,000 miles to get to your table. That’s a lot of fossil fuel!

Play your part in New England’s 50X60 Plan

Did you know that less than 10% of the food we eat in New England is grown or raised locally? Over 90% of our food comes from California. And the costs—both in dollars and damage to the planet—continues to rise.

Terra Verde Farm has joined the New England 50 by 60 plan, which aims to increase local food production to 50% by the year 2060. Together, we can get there even faster. Ask your grocer to carry food from local growers like us—and be part of the solution.

Zero waste from start to finish

In addition to maximizing sunlight, re-mineralizing water and leaving fossil fuels in the ground, our entire system is committed to leaving zero waste. Our recyclable packaging breaks down easily. And our root plug—once your greens are gone—can be used to nourish any of your plants, indoors or out.

Our Sustainability Tactics

Energy efficient technology

Limited use of fossil fuels

Maximized use of sunlight

Re-cycled, mineralized water

Minimal, recyclable packaging

Surprising Facts

The more you know, the more you’ll love Terra Verde Farm

Our packaging uses significantly less plastic than clamshells or most bagged systems

Our goal is a carbon footprint of zero

New England’s 50 by 60 plan will increase local food production to 50% by the year 2060

Terra Verde Farm is helping get there even sooner

Agriculture produces 50% of emissions worldwide—a major contributor to greenhouse gases

We make food production more sustainable

Terra Verde Farm